24/7 Mobile Battery Service Near You

Hirt Towing & Recovery is proud to offer complete roadside battery service in Harrisburg, Carlisle and on I-81, I-83, US-22, US-322 & US-15 in the Greater Harrisburg area. Our mobile battery services include roadside battery installation, battery jump starts, battery swaps, and on-site battery sales. So whether you need a simple jump start or your battery is shot, our dedicated roadside battery service truck can be at your location within minutes to provide safe and trusted on-site auto battery services. At Hirt Towing & Recovery, we not only offer our customers the convenience of having the repairs done reliability and efficiently, but we also help you avoid having to pay for the cost of towing and waiting for hours at a repairs shop.

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#1 On-Site Battery Sales & Installation Services

At Hirt Towing & Recovery, we do much more than just a roadside battery jumps or battery swaps. Our team of professionally trained battery technicians wants to ensure you are set up for success for the long haul. Below are a few ways our Roadside Battery Team goes the extra mile:

No Purchase Obligation - you are not required to purchase a battery from us. We will gladly install batteries that customers purchased from another source.

Great Prices For You - you would think purchasing a battery while on the side of the road would come with several upcharges. But our batteries are typically the same price or cheaper than you would find them at a big box retailer.

Trusted Name Brand Batteries - we are proud to be authorized battery dealers for both AAA and Interstate battery brands. We can also source many specialized and hard to get batteries, including OEM batteries (e.g., Tesla and hybrid vehicles)

Comprehensive Corrosion Cleaning – if we find any corrosion on your battery terminals, we go through a rigorous corrosion cleaning process. Then we apply anti-corrosion gel and anti-corrosion pads. This not only elongates the life of your car battery, but clean contacts make for smoother starts.

Comprehensive System Test – before we replace your old battery, we will first test the current battery using our B2Q Battery Tester (see below for more info). This will verify whether or not the the current battery is actually defective or dead. A second test is subsequently performed to test the charging system/alternator. Finally, if the battery is replaced, a third test is performed to ensure that the new battery and charging system are healthy and working properly.

Replacement Warranty - All our batteries include Free Replacement Warranty periods from the manufacturer. Warranty durations vary by size/model and range from two (2) to over eight (8) years. Please call for specific details and availability. (Delivery and Installation costs not included.)

Test Reporting – want a paper trail of our on-site battery testing? We keep a cloud-based report of your battery test, which allows us to email you the results for safe keeping. We also store all pertinent warranty info.

Computer Reset – after the successful installation of your new battery, we will reset the computer inside your vehicle, if it appplies to your vehicle make and model (not all require it). NOTE: in rare cases we cannot reset certain vehicles as that must be done at the dealer or qualified shop.


Advanced Battery Testing w/ B2Q Technologies

Most towing companies will do the bare minimum for your automotive battery jump start – get the dead battery jumped and then get on their way. But at Hirt Towing & Recovery, we know there is plenty more to an effective battery jump start. The last thing you want is to get a few miles down the road only to have your battery die on you again. Or worse, you get a new battery, but it also dies due to a bad charging system.

At Hirt Towing & Recovery, we utilize the B2Q Battery Tester – it’s the most advanced battery testing system and technology available. Some battery testers only check your battery voltage, we our system goes further by also checking the battery for overall health and life span. It checks the entire charging system, including the alternator, etc.

Don’t leave something as important as your vehicle battery to the run-of-the-mill towing or roadside company. Choose Hirt Towing & Recovery for our trusted and professional roadside battery services. Call 717-596-0955 to get service now.

B2Q Battery Testing Service

Roadside Battery Service Area

Hirt Towing & Recovery provides 24hr roadside battery services in Harrisburg, Carlisle, on I-81, I-83, US-22, US-322, US-15, and throughout the surrounding area including the following cities and towns:

  • Camp Hill
  • Carlisle
  • Colonial Park
  • Dauphin
  • Dillsburg
  • Duncannon
  • Enola
  • Harrisburg
  • Hershey
  • Hummelstown
  • Lemoyne
  • Linglestown
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Middletown
  • Millersburg
  • Millerstown
  • New Cumberland
  • Newport
  • Paxtonia
  • Skyline View
  • Valley Green